Art is the soul of Bali. The Island is not only famous for the beautiful nature for so many people call it paradise. When you go to Bali, you will see people of Bali in every level are surrounded by art since everybody has artistic knowledge and handcrafting is tradition.

In every building both traditional and modern, you will see touch of Bali handicraft and arts in exterior and interior. In the clothes people are wearing, you will also see the art. Down to the road, you will see many beautiful statues along the way. If you pay attention to everything around you, you will so easily find objects decorated with Bali arts and sacred symbols.


Ubud, Batuan, and Sanur are well known for beautiful painting as the pre-war modernization of Balinese art with different characteristic of style in each village. Human figures and open spaces are featured in Ubud painting while erotic scenes and animal are the characteristic of Sanur artists and Batuan characteristic busy in less color.

Bali painting also has special painting such as fingerprint printing by I Gusti Ngurah Gede Pemecutan and miniature painting from Keliki village that the size could be very small in just 2×3 inches. Balinese painting are developing with young artists feature different styles, objects, and details that richer the art of painting in Bali.


Carving is another signature of Bali that becomes main Bali products for years. People of Bali sculpt in various media with wood as the most popular. Woodcarving in Bali is practiced all over Bali with Tegallalang, Pujung, and Sebatu is the famous place for high quality woodcarving. They commonly use traditional style such as figures of gods, flowers, and animals, but they are adapting foreign themes too since Balinese are intense observer.

One specialized woodcarving form in Bali is mask carving. Many of the masks are used in Balinese dance such as Barong and Rangda that need high level of skills from the wood carver. The popularity of mask carving makes it one favorite gift choice for people who visit Bali. These kind of products are offered as Bali wholesale products as well.

Jewelry and textiles

Jewelry and textiles are the other famous Balinese art. Silver, shell and wood are the most common material for rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, belts, anklets, and other objects. They are always handmade that make it so special. For textiles, Bali batik is the most popular but it may not produce in Bali since much Batik is shipped to Bali from Central java. Ikat cloth or they called it endek is the real Bali home-produced textile.


Various bags are produce here as well. Starting from fabric material until natural roots are using in the production. Balinese keep improve their capability in creating new bags design and shapes.

Lamp shades

In Bali, lamp shades mostly made from natural material combined with resin and/or metal as the lamp holder. Many natural materials are used, such as coconut flower, coconut leaf, bamboo, roots, shell and rattan. The common problem in producing bali lamp shades is the matter in finding certified electrical part for overseas. Some times, overseas customers ask for this kind of certificate.

Other handicraft products

There are many others kind of Bali home decor products are produce and sell in Bali, other than those mentioned above. Key chain, dream catcher, sandals, stone products, kite, wind chimes etc. As the common Bali handicraft, these kind of products are made from natural materials. They are all handmade.

Quality is the main factor that Bali’s craftsmen aware about. They understand the World Wide market needs. That’s could be the reason which make bali handicraft products still exist until today.