People all over the world do not know much about Indonesia even though Indonesia is full of potential, especially for its natural resources. Yet, all they know about is Bali—and they even thought that Indonesia is merely one part of Bali—and that is only natural because the very Island of the Gods is well-known because it is so exotic and beautiful. It is exotic for its tradition and ritual, and on the other hand, beautiful for its nature and view. Above all those things, Bali is potential for its artistic side of its natives. Every time and everywhere you look around, all you can find is Balinese people with the sense of art in their blood. Rumor has it they are able to dance even from the very young age, and maybe it is too much, but there is saying mentions that they can dance since they even were not born yet and they actually knew how to move along the music played. Long story short, they have the talent to be natural dancers, musicians, sculptors, carvers, painters or others, yet simply are extraordinary and amazing artists to be.

People of Bali dedicate their soul of art as their relation to their spiritualism and imply it as one of the forms of attribute to Gods. In everyday life, there are a lot of forms on Worshiping ritual to Gods, and people of Bali carry out everything with all their heart, include the performing of art. Every art they created is dedicated to Gods. Art is not merely a hobby for them. It is an artwork which is done wholeheartedly. That is why Bali handicraft (which also known as Bali home decor items) is extraordinary astonishing and like there is nothing to be compared with. They put all their might to it that everything is the masterpiece of life and soul.

Bali handicraft is one of the magnificent products among others’. Most of the artists are learn their ability by self-taught. It has its own power sale with the admirers around the world, in this case, people of the world who admires the ethnic side of Bali. The fact is proven by the number of exports and increasing each year. The fine design recognized to the world as a precious unique artisanal handicraft. Traditional is the keyword for people who living a modern world, with all the machines accompany their lives and surround them. It is like come back to the world of spiritualism which is they thought far away behind them, and it is considered as a call for nature.