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Manufacture and Buying Agent Service

Are you looking for quality Bali products? We are the leading of Bali products supplier and could offer most services that overseas buyers need.

It is quite difficult to find good quality Bali handicrafts in competitive prices. As we all know that Bali products especially handicrafts manufacturer are based on home industries and spread over in the remote Villages and I am sure that you could not reach them all to find the best prices. As well as many of them changed their business to other line since the Europe crisis.

To solve the problem, we embrace the exists craftsmen and artisan into our Company network so that we could offer better prices to our Customers (in good quality as well). We control the production process directly to keep the products quality. We devote our company as one stop Bali products supplier and could act as your buying agent as well if needed.

How it works

To get our best Bali products prices, simply send us the information regarding the products categories or products lines which are in your interest, and we will send you the products price lists promptly. You only need to fill the quantities column with the desirable numbers and send them back to us. Then we will calculate the estimate volume and discuss the shipping method or cost. Shipping agent and/or method selection are in your own hand. Or if you trust us to do it for you, we will offer the best for you.

If you decide to visit us directly, we offer free trip for you maximum for three days. We will drive you to our workshop in remote villages around Ubud, Bangli and Karangasem areas. On the trip, we could discuss all products specification needed like finishing method, custom coloring, custom shape etc.

Alternatively, if you need us as your buying agent to process your purchase to your suppliers or manufacturers you already have in Bali, we will act as your hand, eyes and ear, and report all information you need frequently. We’ll arrange order processing on your behalf, payments, quality control and inspection, and control the shipping of your order.

Finding good quality Bali products could be as easy as you could imagine when you deal with the right company who could offer professional services for their clients. Give us a try, send us an email and you will not be disappointed!!



 Sourcing Agent Service

If you could not find the products which are in your interest in our online catalog, we can offer a sourcing agent service. Simply send us the product’s pictures, sizes and other specification, and we will source them for you. We have good experience in Bali handicrafts fields. If the products you need are produced in Bali, we will find them.

Custom order

If you have a new design or idea, and/or old Bali products (not in the market anymore) you may discuss with us to make a sample of the product.  After the sample done, we will send its picture to you by email, or you may visit us to inspect the sample.



Bali Shipping and Bali Cargo Service

We provide Bali Shipping services as well. We will ship your shipment by professional packing and shipping services for your orders. All shipments are by sea unless otherwise requested.

There are two main ways to send your order from Bali to your Country or Main Port, they are Air freight and Sea Freight;

1.  Air Freight                                                                                                                                                 

Air Freight is fastest way to ship, but also the most expensive one.
This shipping term will be charge based by the weight or the volume of your goods, whichever happens to be greater. According the cargo calculation, a standard carton box (size 50 x 58 x 33 cm) volume is equal to approximate 15 kilos. If the box contains less than 15 kilos of products, then you still have to pay for 15 kilos. If your goods weight is more than 15 kilos, you have to pay the greater amount. Let's say the air cargo rate to your port is about $5.00 per kilo which means that the standard carton costs you (for the shipping charge) at least $75.00. In some cases you might find that the shipping charge is more expensive than your good’s value. We provide door to door service by request. In case to get express service, our courier's contract rates will absolutely better than their publish rates.
2.  Sea Freight
There are two term of service in Sea Freight:

 •         LCL  (Less Container Loading)
This shipping term is dedicated to those shipments which have less than 20 ft container (contain approx 30 cubic meter) volume. Shipments are individually crated and consolidated on freight carries bound for intended destination. L.C.L. loads are appropriate for sending smaller shipments, samples, gifts and personal items. Orders less than a container volume are calculated by the cubic meter. LCL shipments have some risks, particularly with goods that are regarded as fragile.  Goods from Bali are packed and loaded in Bali, unloaded in Java, reloaded and unloaded in Singapore and unloaded at destination. Please contact us for more information regarding shipments of less than a container volume.

 •         Full Container Loading ( recommended, because more effectively cost )

The enclosed steel containers are available in 3 sizes 20 ft, 40 ft , and 40 HQ. In Bali we normally using a standard boxes with dimension of: 58 x 34 x 49 cm.

•    For 20 ft Container can be filled up by 300 standard boxes or equal to 30 cbm in volume.
•    For 40 ft Container can be filled up by 600 standard boxes or equal to 64 cbm in volume.
•    For 40 ft HC Container can be filled up by 700 standard boxes or equal to 70 cbm in volume.

This type is the most commonly used in the cargo field. The Advantages of using the enclosed container are product protection and safety, and allowing the most economical use of space.
Shipping to most International ports takes approximately 4-5 weeks from Indonesia. Shipping to Asia/Southeast Asia destinations are approximately 2-3 weeks.

Cost of shipping depends on the shipping destination and volume or quantity of the shipment, All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees, local handling & trucking fees, packing & stuffing fees, port loading fees and all other local charges levied in the packing and delivery of your container to the port. D.D.C. fees (Document & Destination Charge) levied by the port of destination are not included. Some International ports charge a D.D.C. fee upon the arrival and handling of your shipment in your local port.

When shipping full containers and LCL cargo via our Bali shipping or Bali cargo services, we can insure the shipment for of the goods against any damage whilst in transit, until the time the consignment reaches your door. Cost is 3% of the total value of the cargo. Once your whole order of Bali products items are finished, our staff will start the packing process and we will report the process to you by email as well.

Please kindly let Us know if you need special packing method or materials and certificates for your shipment.
Please kindly contact us for quotation request.

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