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06 Nov

Consider These Products As Souvenir On Your Vacation In Bali

Over the decades the exotic Bali Island has become traveler paradise as well as a delight spot for shoppers. It offer sceneries, hospitality, traditional culture, arts and souvenir. The island is lay down on the South line of Indonesian Archipelago with tropical weather. Summer clothing and pareo are offering in every art market on the island. But you might not realize that Bali island also has captivate handcrafted products, kitchen wares and home decor to offer.

The prices are available for exclusive traveler until backpacker pocket. Mean that there is no reason to not buying some of them to remember your trip except some room in your luggage. You may cosider the list of things bellow as your souvenirs to bring back home.

Bali Masks
Masks is an art products that can not be separated with Bali culture. Since centuries ago, Masks are used in spiritual Ceremonies and dances like Barong, Rangda as well as topeng dance. But along with the tourism industry, artisan in Bali produced many new masks design like buda masks, animals, batik mask and many other. The material used are vary but mostly local wood like local rose wood, suar wood and albesia wood.   

Rattan Baskets
This kind of products are produced by natural rattan (like its name) with vary sizes and uses. Fruit baskets and jewlery baskets are good items to choose for size and prices. For big sizes like laundry baskets, I am sure that you should use courier service to send them to your home and will be little bit costly. And several Countries setting a special regulation in importing this kind of material, mostly in fumigation.

Rattan Bags
In Bali, there are many handmade bags offered. Rattan bags especially round rattan bags are in good selling nowdays here. Rattan is more affordable than the famous ata bags but have similar appearance. Rattan bags have many colour selection, but not ata products. Take a look on the art shop along Tegalalang, Mas and Kuta, mostly they hang these products infront of the shops.

Tealight Holder
Almost in all gift shop in Bali sell this line of products. They produce in several different materials like bamboo, wood, stone, iron, coconut shell and others. They mostly have elegant look but low prices. Quite good selection as a gift for your family.
Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Wares
As the name, the kitchen wares are made from natural materials like bamboo, wood and coconut shell. Wood bowls, wood spoons, plates and cutting boards are good selection for souvenir. The wood used for those products are mostly teak and suar wood. Recently, bamboo straw and glass come out to the market and get good selling.

Only a few shops sell these items on tegalalang arts market. Simple item with nice picture and words of wisdom. Quite easy to carry and will not take much space in your luggage. Many colour and sizes are available, but if you have custom request, simply order it and will be ready in few days.

Miniature and Toys
These products line are suitable gifts for kids and teenager. You could find a lof of shapes like miniature guitars, violin, miniature cars from wood, surf boards with stand, metal traditional becak, metal bike, wood puzzle and many other.

Bali Kites
When you passing Batuan area, surely you have discovered many kites are hanging out on the shops along the way. They are look like too big to carry but there some of them can be reassembled easily. The craftster create their construction so that easy to carry and the kit mostly completed with the toturial how to reassembled the kite. Boat kite is quite nice item. You can fly it in windy weather or you can hang it in your room nicely.

Sun Catcher
If you decide to purchase these products, please consider to pack them good since they are categorized as fragille items. Colorized resin with tin combination will be nice decoration for your wall. They are easy to find and less expensive as well.

Bali Wood Carving and Statues
The last are the Bali’s characteristic, the famous wood carvings and wood statues. Wide range of materials, shapes and prices are on the market. There are mass production items in the art market either fine art items in galleries.

When you hunt for gifts in Bali, please compare the prices before you purchase. Same products, in the same quality can be have different prices in different shops (for mass production items). It is better to settle your budget, make a list of the items you want to purchase and consider the space in your luggage before shopping.


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