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Bali handicraft product – Ata handicraft

Ata handicraft – An exclusive appearance handmade Bali products

Ata handicraft which also known as ata grass handicrafts in Bali are offered in many shapes, such as baskets, boxes, place mats, sandals and bags. Those are all handmade products which mostly produce in remote villages in karangasem Regency, by Citizen as their subsistence. Ata handicrafts are well known as an exclusive Bali handicraft products and environment friendly products.

Ata is a kind of fern with Latin name is Lygodium scandens (L.) Sw, which could be found in the Bali forests as wild plan. Years ago, this kind of plan can be found easily and they grow well in the moor or Bali forest. But why ata products are expensive now? Keep reading and you will find the reason.

Ata handicrafts (ata grass handicrafts) production process

Ate To make a good quality of ata handicraft, craftsmen should use good quality material as well. And ata which has good quality for material is the one which has 1 until 1,5 meters tall and at least 10 years old age. You could guest how is the ata’s population now. The harvested daily but need 10 years to grow. They are very rarely now and their price increase day by day.

Once the ata harvested, the craftsmen will start the production process. Firstly, the ata stem will be sliced into thin and long pieces, then weave them to make a desired shapes. Its take days until a week to finish one product neatly. The next step is drying process.

The first drying process for this kind of products is to put them under the sun burn. There is no exact measurement for this process. Its depend on the humidity of the products. Low humidity is needed for ata products to avoid moldy.

The final step is smoking process. The craftsmen have a traditional smoking place to do this step. Its take at least three days for smoking and the products should be flip once in each three hours to avoid the get burn. This process sometimes can leave black spots on the products but not defective.

Now days, ata products especially bags and purse are offered with other materials combination like leather, wood, batik, yarn and rattan.

For those long production process and rare material make this kind of products  are priced little bit higher now. But it is very reasonable, right?


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