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Bali Wood Carvings

Finding wood carving items in Bali island could be an easy task, since Bali has known for its arts and artist.
Bali is one of the famous island in Indonesian archipelago which has many talented artists like carvers, painters as well as dancers.

Art is one of the main dish served by this island to its visitors. Each village or area has its own craftsmanship. If you traveling around Ubud area, you will discover many carving item along the road.
Bali carving pattern is unique in detail and style. Mostly take flower, Balinese stories and modern pattern in it. And could present great value to your home interior, office, stores etc.

Bali wood carvings items, as it called, are made from several kinds of woods; which are (in Balinese) suar, albesia, waru, teak and sono. And most of them are high humidity woods, and mold is the main problem of these kind of wooden items. But if those materials are in good processing, they will transform into high art value products.

Bali Wooden Statues
Wood statues usually use God and Goddess characters from Balinese stories, animals, fisherman, Buda, and many other. And these items are in good sale to overseas. The prices are vary, depend on the wood material, sizes and the carving detail. But several kind of the materials (woods) have high humidity and mushroom will be the common problem.

Carving Door
Carving doors which offered in Bali are not only original Bali carving. There are several others carving door styles from others area like Jepara, etc. But all of them are mostly fully carved and in huge sizes.

There are many others wood carving items produced in Bali. Wood panel, frames and furniture. Please source them in our site's catalog, and if you could not find carving items you need, please kindly contact us.


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