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  • The Beauty of Bali Products and Art The Beauty of Bali Products and Art
    Art is the soul of Bali. The Island is not only famous for the beautiful nature for so many people call it paradise. When you go to Bali, you will see people of Bali in every level are surrounded by art since everybody has artistic knowledge and handcrafting is tradition.In every building both traditional and modern, you will see touch of Bali handicraft and arts in exterior and interior. In the clothes people are wearing, you will also see the art. Down to the road, you will see many beautiful statues along the way. If you pay attention to everything around you, you will so easily find objects decorated with Bali arts and sacred symbols.
  • Crisis not effect bali handicrafts export Crisis not effect bali handicrafts export
    The realization of bali handicraft’s export and other bali product’s to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Countries steadily increasing although economical crisis surge most part of this Earth. Various handicrafts products from Bali, fishery products and plantations which exported to overseas Country could contribute USD 7,2 million revenue along January until May 2009.
  • Bali handicraft product – Ata handicraft Bali handicraft product – Ata handicraft
    Ata handicraft – An exclusive appearance handmade Bali products Ata handicraft in Bali are offered in many shapes, such as baskets, boxes, place mats, sandals and bags. Those are all handmade products which mostly produce in remote villages in karangasem Regency, by Citizen as their subsistence. Ata handicrafts are well known as an exclusive Bali handicraft products and invironment friendly products.
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