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  • Magnificent Bali Art Products Magnificent Bali Art Products
    People all over the world do not know much about Indonesia even though Indonesia is full of potential, especially for its natural resources. Yet, all they know about is Bali—and they even thought that Indonesia is merely one part of Bali—and that is only natural because the very Island of the Gods is well-known because it is so exotic and beautiful. It is exotic for its tradition and ritual, and on the other hand, beautiful for its nature and view. Above all those things, Bali is potential for its artistic side of its natives. Every time and everywhere you look around, all you can find is Balinese people with the sense of art in their blood. Rumor has it they are able to dance even from the very young age, and maybe it is too much, but there is saying mentions that they can dance since they even were not…
  • Bali Wood Carving Business is intercepted by Raw Materials Limitations Bali Wood Carving Business is intercepted by Raw Materials Limitations
    Doing business while preserving the Bali’s cultural heritage, that the ideals I Ketut Los Antara. From these ideals, he developed a certain attitude Bali products business in his village in Banjar Kebayansari, Tangeb, Abianbase, Mengwi, Badung. His business could lift Tangeb citizen lives. It is proved, the number of employees Antara now reached 60 peoples.
  • Mount Batur trekking tours Mount Batur trekking tours
    Mount Batur trekking tours in Bangli District enthused by foreign tourists with average each day as much as 20 tourists climb the mount. Until this time, this tour’s enthusiasts continuously increased. Mount Batur has a number of privileges not possessed by any other mountain. Scenery at sunrise is a very popular attraction for the climbers so that they are definitely enjoy the climbing. In addition to sun rise, the tourists can also enjoy the panoramic of Rinjani Mountain in West Nusa Tenggara. Boil water with sulfur on the Batur mountain ascent will be the memories that often can not be forgotten by tourists.
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